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2013  "Force 10" Shiraz An Ode to Wash Rymill

Wash Rymill has reached one hundred on this historic day While many before her have tried, most have passed away.

Terrifically made ton, one of the best we have ever seen She’s the only one amongst us that has received a letter from the Queen!

Her secret is in the fact that before Wash goes to bed She loves to have a tipple of her favourite glass of red.

A little boisterous at times as many of you may have heard “Legless!” well, she has put new meaning into the word!

If Wash entered the Masters Games, she’d beat them on one leg She’d make all the others look as if they were already dead!

She’s outlived two husbands as she’s travelled down life’s pathway Let’s raise a glass and propose a toast on this momentous day!

Be sure to be on the ready if Wash looks a little pale And pour her another glass of bloody Howlin' Gale

On 6th October, Strath’s first race, the Howlin' Gale Maiden Plate Best named race ever, I’ll tell you of its fate.

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