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The Journey

Howlin’ Gale Wines was originally formed to assist with satisfying our own family’s drinking habits. Our mother Jen and late father Mick have been tremendous contributors to the cause.

Sitting in the upper bar at Ack’s house on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, imbibing copious Lake Breeze Wines, we noticed the winds around the lake were not gentle breezes...they were in fact very strong and more like a gale force!

We turned to each other as the thought entered our heads, and the label Howlin' Gale Wines was born.

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First Vintage

The first Vintage was in 1998 with a Shiraz from Lake Breeze Wines who kindly allowed us to rebadge a 'cleanskin' they had available.

Since then we have developed into a unique, boutique wine company, distributing our wines throughout Australia.

We make our wines from single vineyard fruit, grown at the shores of Lake Alexandrina  in the historic Langhorne Creek wine region on our family farm, Tolderol. 

We believe the proximity to the lake frontage ensures a higher quality of fruit. The closer the fruit is to the lake, the earlier the fruit ripens.

The Howlin' Gale winds provide a much lower yield but ensures our wine holds intense flavours and varietal characteristics.

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All our wines are made to be enjoyed - with or without food - we don’t care how you have them.

We drink plenty of the stuff ourselves and therefore we are our own number one critic.

We hope you enjoy the experience!

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