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Older Poems

2012 "Force 10" Shiraz

Many of you think our wine is made in heaven And you may ask what happened to our 2011.

So I’ll tell you what this is about And what happens after 5 years of drought.

Howlin' Gale blowing in drenching summer rain And no lake breezes, just a season of excruciating pain!

Downy, powdery, botrytis and every other disease And the juice from obese berries we squeeze.

Paint stripper or nail polish remover would have been the result So we sold the whole bloody lot off in bulk

We made the usual farmer’s loss But this vintage has come along to show them who’s boss.

2012 "Category 5" Cabernet Sauvignon

“When is a lake breeze a Howlin' Gale ?” I was asked by Greg “Almost always” were the two words I said.

“When is a Howlin' Gale a lake breeze?” was the question I was then fed “Almost never” was the answer I gave Greg.

“How is it measured?” he then said. “If your hat blows off putting your boots on, that’s a code red!

But you know it’s misery if it blows off half way to the shed! A lake breeze is when you wake up in bed

With your hat firmly attached to your head!”

2010 "Force 10" Shiraz

If you voted Labour, hang your head in shame Because this Government has turned utterly lame.

They have really interfered with our lives Even slowed down the speed we should drive!

Shooting ducks is on the Greenies banned list And we’re no longer allowed to even catch fish!

But the wines should be better now we’re carbon free Thanks to the “Ranga” running this great country!

The farmers are struggling, the vineyards are dying If it wasn’t for Howlin' Gale I’d give up trying!

2010 "Category 5" Cabernet Sauvignon

One morning I thought “What’s that sound? It seems to be coming from underground!”

It was the frogs having their say Rejoicing the water was coming our way.

This was long before the water reached the Dog Lake More clever than the pollies for heaven’s sake!

The clowns were still sowing the Lake bed And it took just a month before it was all dead!

Then in flocked the ducks and the quail We celebrated by drinking copious quantities of Howlin' Gale

2009 "Force 10" Shiraz

The winds have returned to this God awful place Careful taking a piss or it’ll blow back in your face!

It can take bloody hours shutting a double gate But at last the water’s back in the lake.

The Murray’s dead the experts let you know Flooded their gutters before they let it flow.

Imagine if Mike’s weir was to be The whole of the river would be an inland sea!

So it’s back to lake breezes and Howlin' Gale Praying that Labour’s wishes never prevail!

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

Howlin’ Gale proudly produces Cabernet and Shiraz Modern wines leave my taste buds sour.

Graciano, Durif and Sangeovese Drink anymore and I’ll think I’ll go crazy!

Some Shiraz they even add Viognier Good enough only for a barby give away.

Some say they only drink Merlot But that’s not has hard to grow as a damn Pinot.

New varieties will come and go you can bet But Howlin' Gale Cab is as good as you can get!

2009 'Velocity' Cabernet Shiraz

Douglas Mawson said Antarctica was the home of the blizzard But I’ve seen winds powerful enough to roll a sleepy lizard! He told of winds so strong they blew icebergs out to sea But I’ve hit golf balls into southerlies which have landed north of me! But in all those years when Mawson was around He never saw a blow a “septic” out of the ground!

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